Shishi Yuzu (Lion Yuzu) Citrus Jam

Shishi Yuzu (Lion Yuzu) Citrus Jam

This large yuzu citrus is the size of a grapefruit.
The skin is soft and very fragrant.
The pleasant taste will make you crave more.


Lion yuzu
1 fruit
Granulated sugar
Weight of skin + fruit


1. Wash the lion yuzu in warm water (Scrub with a vegetable brush or the equivalent.)
2. Peel the skin and soak it overnight in water. (The skin will float to the surface, so use a small dish as a weight.) Wrap the fruit in plastic wrap, and store it in the refrigerator.
3. Chop the skin soaked overnight, and put it in a bowl of water. Change the water immediately, and let the skin soak for about 40 minutes.
4. Peel off the white fluffy pith from the fruit. Remove the flesh and seeds from the segments. (The pith and segment sac are not used.)
5. Drain Step 4 and combine with Step 4. Measure the weight, and prepare the same weight of granulated sugar.
6. Knead the skin and flesh from Step 5 and avoid crushing the flesh.
7. Transfer the contents of Step 6 to a pan, and add enough water to cover and heat. While adding water to maintain the water level, gently boil until soft.
8. When the Step 6 mixture is soft, add half of the granulated sugar. Remove the seeds.
9. Add the remaining granulated sugar. Gently simmer while taking care not to boil the mixture.
10. Place a small amount on a dish. If the jam is thick when cooled, it is ready.
11. Place the jam into a sterilized bottle while it is still hot. This is sufficient for eating at home.

Story Behind this Recipe

I received fragrant shishi yuzu from my neighbor and I made jam out of it.