Chickpea Tofu

Chickpea Tofu

Chickpeas break into the world of Japanese cooking! The taste blends right into regular "goma dofu" (sesame tofu). In fact, in hummus, the combination of chickpeas and sesame is already tried and true! I wonder what people in Greece or the Middle East would think of this dish.

Ingredients: 6 servings

Chickpeas (canned)
1 cup
1/2 cup
White sesame seeds
3 heaping tablespoons
Dashi soup stock (on the lighter, milder side)
600 ml
a small amount


1. Grind the white sesame seeds with a mortar and pestle or similar utensil.
2. Pulverize the chickpeas into a smooth paste with a mortar and pestle or similar utensil, then strain through a sieve.
3. Combine the sesame seeds, katakuriko, dashi soup stock and salt in a pot, and mix well. Heat over low heat, and mix with a wooden spoon or similar utensil.
4. After stirring for about 20 minutes, it should start to harden into a thick paste. Add the chickpeas from Step 3 and combine until even.
5. Lightly dampen the inside of a container, and pour in the mixture. Wet your hands to even out the surface. Place the container in ice water, and chill to harden (or, place in the refrigerator after it cools to the touch).
6. Remove from the container, wet a knife, and cut into desired serving sizes. Try it with wasabi and soy sauce.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since there is "hisui tofu" made from edamame, I thought it wouldn't be too strange to use chickpeas, so I gave it a try.