Cute Striped Cheese Hearts

Cute Striped Cheese Hearts

Use sliced cheese to make these easy, cute, striped, and heart-shaped pieces of cheese. How about enjoying them as decoration in your bento box or as a decorative side dish?


Sliced mozzarella cheese
2 slices
Sliced cheddar cheese
2 slices
Substitutions for cheese
ham, fish sausage, etc.


1. Stack 2 types of cheese with different color in alternate layers. Set aside for a while so the cheese bind together.
2. Cut lengthwise into thirds, and stack them up (the higher you stack them, the larger cookie cutter you will be able to use).
3. Thinly slice the stacked cheese from Step 2, and turn the slices on their side.
4. All you have to do now, is just cut out the cheese using your desired cookie cutter. Be very gentle when removing the cheese from the cookie cutter.
5. Done! The photo shows the cut-out cheese.
6. Note: Cheese & fish sausage look like this.
7. Note: Recipe ID: 941210 * For bento box, flower shaped wiener sausage * I combined this recipe with my heart-shaped cheese to create this ribbon. They're cute in charaben too.
8. Enjoy them as a decoration in your bento box.
9. Note: Cut out the fish sausages in thicker pieces using the same cookie cutter. It will be easier to remove the cut-out cheese if you use this thick piece of fish sausage by pressing down from the top.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had leftover sliced cheese, so I stacked them up, cut them out using a cookie cutter, and I came up with these cute stripped cheese.