Beef and Cranberry Chinese Sticky Rice

Beef and Cranberry Chinese Sticky Rice

Tart cranberries give this a sublime accent! They remove the strong smell of the beef and make it even more flavorful.

Ingredients: 1.5 rice cooker cups' worth (270 ml of rice)

White rice
180 ml
Mochi Rice
1/2 cup (90 ml)
Beef thigh (for stew or steak)
125 g
Bamboo shoots cooked in water
35 g
Frozen mixed vegetables
1/2 cup
Fresh shiitake mushrooms
Dried cranberries
20 g
┌Oyster sauce
2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon
│Soy sauce
1/2 tablespoon
1/2 teaspoon
Sesame oil
1/2 tablespoon


1. Wash the white rice and mochi rice about 30 minutes before cooking.
2. Cut the shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots into 5 mm chunks. Cut the beef into 1 cm chunks.
3. Stir-fry the beef in the sesame oil until the beef changes color. Add the bamboo, shiitake mushrooms, mixed vegetables, and dried cranberries. Season with "A".
4. Put Step 1 into the rice cooker and fill up to the 2 cup line with water. Top with the Step 3 mixture and cook as usual.
5. Once cooked, mix up the rice, close the lid, and let steam for about 5-10 minutes to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

My boyfriend loves mixed rice, so I added some cranberries and made sticky rice.