Our Family Recipe for Kiritanpo Hot Pot

Our Family Recipe for Kiritanpo Hot Pot

You can find ready made kiritanpo at supermarkets across Japan, but a lot of people seem to have never tried them. They are delicious, so please give them a try! (Note: Kiritanpo, a speciality of Akita prefecture, is a rice dumpling formed around a stick. See Recipe ID: 974556 for a homemade recipe.)

Ingredients: 3 to 4 servings

Dashi stock
1500 ml
Sake and mirin
75 ml each
Soy sauce
50 ml
1 teaspoon
Chicken thigh meat
Burdock root
1 stalk
Maitake mushrooms
1 pack
Shirataki noodles
1 bag
1 stalk
Seri (Chinese celery or Japanese parsley)
1 bunch
Kiritanpo dumplings
10 sticks


1. Remove the skin from the chicken thighs and cut into bite-sized pieces. The skin will be used to flavor the soup, so don't throw it out.
2. Coarsely shave the burdock root as if you were sharpening a pencil. Soak in a bowl of vinegar water. Shave the carrot the same way.
3. Shred the maitake mushrooms into bite sized pieces with your hands. Drain the shirataki noodles, and cut into bite-sized lengths.
4. Diagonally slice the scallions. Cut the seri into bite-sized pieces.
5. Diagonally cut the kiritanpo into bite sized pieces. I usually cut it into 4 pieces.
6. Put the dashi stock, chicken skins, chicken thighs, burdock root and carrot into a pot and heat. Simmer to extract the flavor from the chicken skins. Remove them and add the shirataki noodles and maitake mushrooms.
7. When all the ingredients are cooked through, add the flavoring ingredients and bring to a boil. Taste and adjust the flavor.
8. Add the kiritanpo, green onion and seri and bring to a boil again. Done! The kiritanpo will become soft in 2 to 3 minutes.
9. They say that you should just simmer the green onion and seri until they are crisp-tender, but I like to cook them until they're really soft.

Story Behind this Recipe

My mother is from Akita prefecture, so when I was growing up we used to eat kiritanpo every winter, but it seems unknown elsewhere...
My husband had it for the first time after we got married. Now he's a firm kiritanpo fan.