Custard Pudding in a Sauce Pan

Custard Pudding in a Sauce Pan

This recipe will make 2 custard puddings with 1 egg. You can't fail with this recipe because it uses a double boiler with a sauce pan. If you want to make more, simply double the amount of ingredients.

Ingredients: makes 2 custard puddings

Egg Mixture:
130 ml
2 tablespoons
●Vanilla extract
a small amount
Caramel Tablet
1 tablet per pudding
Whipped cream
a small amount
(Recipe ID: 904354) I uploaded the directions for making the caramel sauce.


1. Beat the egg in a bowl. Add milk and sugar to a small saucepan and warm on low heat to bring the milk to body temperature and dissolve the sugar.
2. Add the sugared milk gradually into the bowl from Step 1. Make sure to continuously stir. Then, strain it 1 or 2 times to make smooth. (Strain it at least once).
3. Put the caramel tablet into a heat-resistant container, and pour in the egg mixture from Step 2. Remove the bubbles from the surface and cover with a lid or aluminum foil.
4. Place the containers from Step 3 into a saucepan and fill the pan with water until halfway covering the containers. Temporarily remove the containers and bring the water to a boil.
5. When the water boils, lower the heat to low, put in the containers, and tightly cover with a lid for 7 minutes. Turn off the heat and let sit, covered, for 7 more minutes.
6. Remove from the pot, remove the lid. If the surface is plump and inflated, and if it jiggles slightly when shaken , then it's done. If it needs to harden some more, then heat again 1 minute at a time.
7. This container is cute but of course you can use a regular heat-resistant one. It also tastes good when you top with caramel sauce or maple syrup.
8. Decorate with whipped cream if you'd like. It's perfect as an afternoon snack for guests!
9. If you don't have caramel tablets, I have uploaded the directions for making caramel sauce (Recipe ID: 904354).

Story Behind this Recipe

This is the custard pudding that my mother always made using a pot as a double boiler. My kids also love this pudding so I changed it to use smaller amounts of ingredients.