Moist and Fluffy Swiss Roll

Moist and Fluffy Swiss Roll

This is moist and fluffy from the chiffon sponge cake. I made a version without water, but both were delicious.

Ingredients: 27 cm x 27 cm swiss roll tin (or baking sheet) (1 time worth)

For the chiffon cake:
4 medium (3 large)
Cake flour
70 g (65 g)
Soft light brown sugar (granulated sugar)
65 g (60 g)
Vegetable oil
30 g (25 g)
30 g (25 g)
For the cream filling:
Heavy cream
150 g
Granulated sugar
less than 10 g
Condensed milk
15 g
a small amount
to your liking


1. Sift the cake flour in advance. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Separate eggs into yolks and whites.
2. Add half of the granulated sugar little by little to the egg white while whipping until stiff peaks form. Then chill in the refrigerator (Preheat the oven to 180℃).
3. Do not wash the whisk. Add the rest of the granulated sugar to the bowl of egg yolks and whip until it becomes white and thick. Add vegetable oil and water.
4. Sift the cake flour once more when adding to the bowl of egg yolks and mix well until the mixture is no longer floury.
5. Add 1/3 of egg whites to the bowl from Step 4 and mix. Then add half of the egg whites and mix gently.
6. Transfer all the batter to the bowl of egg whites and fold in from the bottom few times while turning the bowl.
7. Pour the batter into baking sheet. Drop the pan from a height to eliminate air pockets and pop the bubbles on the surface. Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes.
8. When it is baked, immediately drop the baking sheet at a height to prevent the sponge from shrinking. If you cover it with plastic wrap and let it cool, the browned surface will peel off nicely.
9. If it will look nicer when you flip over the spongecake when rolling so the browned surface is inside. Put heavy cream, granulated sugar, concentrated milk and brandy in a bowl and whip until stiff.
10. Spread the cream on the spongecake. Spread more cream on the edge closest to you. Top with fruits to your liking...
11. Roll it up... Roll up gently like you are rolling a sushi roll. When the spongecake sticks to your hands, secure with paper towels. Wrap with plastic wrap (or parchment paper) and chill in the refrigerator.
12. It is done. It will be nice and fluffy even when you replace the water with warm milk.

Story Behind this Recipe

This roll cake is delicious with banana and raspberries in the filling! It's also very nice plain.