Asian Pear Caramel and Rum Confit

Asian Pear Caramel and Rum Confit

Ultra-easy and ultra-healthy. The Asian pear, caramel and rum go together perfectly, making this an ideal dessert for grown-ups. It's also delicious on toast.

Ingredients: 4 servings

1/2 Shinkou Nashi type Asian pear
about 500 g
Granulated sugar
6 g
Rum (or wine or water)
as needed
Low fat plain yogurt
as needed
Cinnamon powder
as needed


1. Slice the pear (1/2, about 500 g) into small thin pieces.
2. Put the sliced pear into a pan, and simmer while evaporating the juices. Simmer over medium heat while stirring for 5 to 6 minutes.
3. Transfer the cooked pear to a plate, and add 6 grams of sugar to the pan.
4. When the sugar starts to burn, add the rum little by little to make a caramel sauce. Return the pears to the pan.

Story Behind this Recipe

Shinkou-nashi variety Asian pears are huge, and weigh more than 1000 g per fruit. My husband and I couldn't finish one between the two of us, so I cooked the leftover half to top plain yogurt. This is really easy, and healthy too. You just need 6 grams of granulated sugar for the caramel.