Realistic and Scary Halloween Breakfast

Realistic and Scary Halloween Breakfast

Witch's fingers were a big hit in my bentos. It's been a few years, but now they're back for breakfast. I've added more pictures and details.

Ingredients: 5 witch fingers

Wiener sausages
Large or small red bell pepper
1/4 if large


1. This is all you need.
2. Cut the red pepper into nail shapes and microwave until heated. Be careful not to overheat or they won't turn out realistic!
3. On one side of the sausage, cut a 1 cm indentation in the shape of a fingernail. Make shallow cuts for the finger joints.
4. After sautéing, the joints will show up better. (Here, my pancake got a little overcooked...Sigh!)
5. Here's a variation of the dish using pasta. Pretty grotesque, isn't it?!

Story Behind this Recipe

It's almost Halloween, so today, I made pancakes with witch's fingers. It takes some patience to cut and shape the fingernails, especially if you're making a lot, but these are perfect for Halloween parties. Every time I make them, they manage to frighten me!