Halloween Wagashi - Kabocha Squash Mochi

Halloween Wagashi - Kabocha Squash Mochi

I kneaded kabocha squash into gyuuhi (a type of mochi dough), wrapped koshi-an, and formed it into pumpkin shapes. It's soft and melts in your mouth.

Ingredients: 5 pieces

A. Kabocha squash
20 g (of paste)
A. Shiratamako
30 g
A. Sugar
12 g
A. Water
50 g
75 g
for dusting
Pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, etc. (for the stem)


1. Prep the kabocha squash by peeling, microwaving until tender, then mash. Divide the koshi-an into 5 portions.
2. Put the A. ingredients in a heatproof bowl, and mix together well with a whisk. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave (about 1 minute 40 seconds at 700 W).
3. Knead with a spatula until the dough is smooth.
4. Lay the dough on a work space dusted with katakuriko and cut into fifths (the dough is quite sticky and difficult to work with, so dust your workspace with a lot of katakuriko).
5. Flatten each portion into a circle, and wrap around the balls of koshi-an.
6. Press the back of a knife onto the surface to make the kabocha squash pattern.
7. When the dumplings are formed, brush off any excess katakuriko on the surface with a brush. This improves their appearance.
8. Decorate the tops with a pumpkin seed or similar to finish. I didn't have any pumpkin seeds, so I used pine nuts.
9. Soft and tender yellow gyuuhi wrapped around not-too-sweet, homemade koshi-an. You can see the yellow color of the kabocha squash inside too, and it looks pretty.
10. I put some kabocha squash paste into the koshi-an too. It looks beautiful and tastes great too. Give it a try!

Story Behind this Recipe

I was looking at the mound of kabocha squash we had in our house, and wanted to make something creative with them. This is a kabocha squash variation of a white ume plum shaped wagashi sweet I make using gyuuhi. When I look at the row of finished little kabocha squash dumplings, they're so cute that they I can't help smiling. (I know, I'm weird.)