Macrobiotic Adzuki Beans & Kabocha Squash

Macrobiotic Adzuki Beans & Kabocha Squash

A macrobiotic diet is said to be good for diabetes. In this dish you get the double-punch of adzuki which is good for the kidneys, and kabocha squash, which is good for the liver.

Ingredients: a good amount to keep stored in refrigerator and have on hand

Dried adzuki beans
1 cup (200 ml)
10 x 10 cm
Kabocha squash
about 300 g
1 teaspoon
5 cups~


1. Cook the adzuki beans (Recipe ID: 497059) as a guideline. Since you're adding the kabocha squash later, you don't have to soften completely at this stage.
2. While the adzuki is simmering, prepare the kabocha.
3. Cut the deseeded kabocha into 2 cm wedges. Make 2 cm cubes from the wedges.
4. Once the adzuki beans have softened up and nearly finished boiling, add the kabocha and simmer until softened. Adjust the flavor with salt.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a standard macrobiotic recipe.