Jack's Halloween Party

Jack's Halloween Party

A cake from Halloween 2008 made by my daughter. I only helped to construct the two layers of base cakes.


Kabocha cake
Cookie dough (chocolate)
As needed
Icing & food coloring
As needed
Kabocha seeds
As needed
Sweets (readymade)
Please refer to steps


1. Here's the original design.
3. Starring Jack Skellington! Icing was used to draw a face on a marshmallow. His body is made from umbrella chocolates and icing.
4. His tie is a bat! Drawn on parchment paper and set aside to dry. Use dragées for his eyes.
5. For the gate! Make with the same process from step 4. It's usually still warm, easy to break and takes a lot of effort! Also, icing was used to stick the rock chocolates.
6. For the tombstone! Make from cookie dough and icing. The purple flours and crosses are also made from icing.
7. For Jack's house! It's actually cookie dough and icing. Pretz (Japanese stick pretzels) were used for the stairs.
8. For the Jack-O'-Lantern! It's actually marshmallow with jam filling. It's coated with orange icing. Soft, fluffy and crusty!

Story Behind this Recipe

It was our challenge to materialize a long-cherished cake design! Made by my daughter who's a sophomore at an university.