Witch Bento for Halloween

Witch Bento for Halloween

Here's a little witch girl for Halloween-themed bentos. One of her unique features is her carrot hair.

Ingredients: 1

Plain cooked rice
1 serving
Black sesame seeds
2 teaspoons
Sushi vinegar
1 tablespoon
1 slice
to taste
Nori seaweed
1 sheet
Sliced cheese
1 slice
a little


1. Using a peeler, slice the carrot into ribbons. Microwave until cooked (add seasoning if you wish).
2. On top of the processed cheese slice, place a nori-cut witch hat and dress.
3. Cut the ham into a circle, and make the eyes from nori.
4. Mix black sesame seeds into the rice, then mix in the sushi vinegar.
5. Assemble the sushi rice into a bento box: the carrot hair and bangs, face, hat, and clothes.
6. Add some ketchup to the cheeks and you're done.
7. Add side dishes.

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw a Halloween poster with a girl on the street, and wanted to try it out in a bento. I call her "Wynn" (my husband named her).