Dry Curry Full of Lotus Root

Dry Curry Full of Lotus Root

This is full of lotus roots.
You can enjoy the texture of lotus root in this easy dry curry dish.

Ingredients: 3 ~ 4 servings

Ground meat (pork or mix of pork and beef)
250 g
Lotus root
1 large cut (about 250 g)
1 tablespoon
Green peppers
as needed
Japanese curry roux
2 ~ 3 blocks (about 50 g)
Consomme soup stock cube
300 ml
Salt and pepper
to taste
Grated garlic
to taste


1. Mince onion and green peppers. Chop the lotus root into large pieces to enjoy its texture.
2. Add oil to a frying pan, and stir-fry the ground meat and onion until the colour of the meat changes, and the onion becomes transparent.
3. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt and pepper. Add green peppers and lotus root as well, and briefly stir-fry. Add corn, water, consomme soup stock cube, and garlic, and simmer for 5 minutes over medium heat.
4. Add curry roux, dissolve, and simmer for a little while, then it's done. Enjoy with rice.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love lotus roots!
I cooked it with vegetables I had at home, and made a delicious dry curry.