Sweetly Simmered Apples

Sweetly Simmered Apples

These sugar simmered apples are delicious even if you don't use Jonathan apples. Use in apple pies, apple bread, as a cake filling - they're so useful! I used a variety called Akibae this time.


Apple (peeled, cut into 12 wedges, and weighed)
40% of the weight of the peeled apple in sugar
Example: for an apple weighing 300 g
120 g of sugar
1 tablespoon
Cinnamon powder
a small amount


1. Line a heavy bottomed frying pan with the apple wedges, leaving no gaps as shown. Cover with a lid and cook over low heat for 15 to 20 minutes.
2. Turn the slices over halfway to cook through. When the apple slices have exuded moisture and have become very limp, take the lid off.
3. Add the sugar and rum, leave the lid off and cook over medium heat to evaporate the moisture and reduce the juices.
4. One the moisture is almost gone and the bubbles in the pan are big, add cinnamon, simmer a little more to reduce, and it's done! (Turn the slices over again to coat them in the cinnamon once it's added.)
5. I baked a butter cake batter in a mini pound cake mold with the simmered apples on top! The heart-shaped apple slices are so cute.
6. Make easy apple pie using frozen puff pastry! Each piece of the simmered apple is big, so this pie is very hearty!
7. Simmered apples using Jonathan apples. I simmered them with the peel for a pretty color.
8. I wrapped the simmered apples in spring roll wrappers and deep fried at 180°C! This is so good! I highly recommend them.
9. I shaped apple pie sticks into shapes that the children could eat easily. Recipe ID: 672156
10. I used the simmered apples chopped finely in an apple ring bread! Recipe ID: 672526

Story Behind this Recipe

I make this a lot during apple season. I use it for cake, for apple pie, in bread or on sweet pizza, serve it with ice cream... this sweet simmered apple is so versatile. The cinnamon and rum really make it taste great!