Soft and Fluffy Rich Bread Loaf with Cream

Soft and Fluffy Rich Bread Loaf with Cream

A recipe for square sandwich bread that is rich with fresh cream and butter! It's a very soft bread with a slight sweetness, and it melts in your mouth.

Ingredients: 1 loaf

Bread (strong) flour
250 g
140 ml
Heavy cream
50 ml
45 g
20 g
1 teaspoon
Dry yeast
1 teaspoon


1. Put all the ingredients in your bread maker except for the shortening. Set it to knead for 15 minutes and then rise for 40 minutes.
2. Once the first rising has finished, remove the dough from the bread maker.
3. Divide the dough into two pieces and place on a bread mat to let the dough rest for 10 minutes. ※ If you do not have a bread mat, put the dough on a piece of plastic wrap.
4. Wrap the dough in a plastic bag while it is resting to make sure it doesn't dry out.
5. This is how the dough looks when it has rested.
6. Use a rolling pin to roll each piece of dough into a square shape.
7. Fold the dough into thirds.
8. Roll it up vertically. Then do the same with the other piece of dough.
9. Lightly grease the bread pan with shortening. Put the two rolled pieces of dough with the end of the rolls facing down in the corners of the pan.
10. Let the dough rise a second time using the bread proofing setting of your oven, 40 minutes at 40℃. ※ If your bread pan has a lid, you can choose whether to use it or not!
11. This is how ithe dough when the second rising is complete.
12. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 180℃. Once it is done baking remove it from the pan while it is still hot, and leave it to cool on a rack to complete. This loaf was baked without the lid.
13. This photo shows a loaf baked in a square bread pan with the lid on.

Story Behind this Recipe

After a lot of trial and error in the pursuit of fluffy soft bread, this is the recipe I'm finally satisfied with!