Halloween Bento (Charaben)

Halloween Bento (Charaben)

This is not a recipe... but it's a photo collage showing you how decorate your bentos for Halloween.

Ingredients: for a 2 year old boy's bento

Chicken rice
about 80 g
Carrot slices simmered in consomme
a small amount
Nori seaweed and cheese
a small amount of each
Kabocha squash (simmered or mashed)
a pingpong ball sized amount
Other side dishes
To fill the bento


1. Form the kabocha squash into a pumpkin Jack-O'-Lantern. Make the pumpkin head by wrapping the mashed kabocha squash with plastic wrap. The ridges are formed with a toothpick. Decorate the top of the pumpkin head with a piece of kabocha peel.
2. Cut out pumpkin shapes from pre-cooked carrot slices. Then, add on the eyes and mouth sliced out of nori seaweed.
3. Cut bat shapes out of nori seaweed, stick them onto sliced cheese, and cut around the nori shapes with a toothpick.
4. Halloween with Donguri-chan (a children's picture book character).
5. Here's a Jack-O'-Lantern made with rice. Just add ketchup, mayonnaise and salt to a little bit of rice, form into an oval shape on top of a bed of white rice. That's it.
6. Ghosts make the easiest Halloween-themed bentos! Just make a ghost shape following the shape of the bento box. The hat is made by sticking some nori seaweed on a piece of kamaboko.
7. A Halloween night theme. Make a bento with nori seaweed lined on rice. Make bat shapes out of cheese and nori seaweed and put on top of the nori.
8. Here's Jack Skellington from the movie, "A Nightmare Before Christmas." Make a round onigiri (rice ball), and decorate with the eyes, nose and mouth made with nori seaweed.
9. Line a bed of rice with nori seaweed with a circle cut out. Cover the rest of the rice with more nori. Make a face in the circle like the bento in Step 8. Add a moon and stars to make it a Halloween night-themed bento.
10. Cut kamaboko out with a penguin shaped cutter, and cut down the shapes to transform into ghosts. Make cheese bats as shown in Step 7. Place the ghosts and bats on top of a bed of rice mixed with yukari .

Story Behind this Recipe

Since it is October, I wanted to make my son's bentos Halloween-themed! So I made an extra effort and made these.