Potato Ghosts for Bento

Potato Ghosts for Bento

These cute ghosts are easy to make with mashed potato. Enjoy in a Halloween-themed bento.

Ingredients: 2 servings

1 tablespoon
As needed
Sliced cheese
1 slice
Nori seaweed
As needed
As needed


1. Microwave and mash the potato.
2. Season with mayonnaise, salt and pepper, and adjust the texture to your liking with milk.
3. Portion out half of the mixture on plastic wrap and tuck the cheese in the middle.
4. Form it into the shape shown in the photo.
5. Cut the eyes, mouth and hands out of the nori and use a straw to make the circular carrot pieces for the cheeks.
6. This is what it looks like.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted a cute ghost for my Halloween character bento.