Muscat Grapes in Wine Jelly

Muscat Grapes in Wine Jelly

Grapes are delicious! I floated sweet and delicious grapes in jelly. Enjoy the wiggly and jiggly texture as the grapes and jelly slide down your throat.

Ingredients: Serves 4

Muscat grapes
About 20 grapes
White wine (a sweet type is better)
Water for gelatin
30ml (2 tablespoons)
5g (1 package)
Lemon juice
1 tablespoon


1. Add gelatin to about 30 ml of water. Peel the grapes with a paring knife...
2. ...Then cut a slit into the grapes, and remove the seeds carefully. To preserve the color, it is good to sprinkle a bit of lemon juice. Chill in the fridge.
3. Add water to a pot, heat on low, and dissolve the sugar. Add wine and gelatin and dissolve. Turn off the heat, and add lemon juice.
4. Place the bowl into ice water, and let cool.
5. Place the muscat grapes into champagne glasses, then add the mixture from step 3. Chill in the fridge for 2~3 hours, and serve!
6. After removing the seeds, if you cut off the brown tops where the stem and fruit meet, it will turn out prettier. Tip: There shouldn't be dirt on the grapes Lightly rinse the grapes if needed.
7. I used Queen Alexandria variety muscat grapes. 95% of the national total this variety are grown in Okayama prefecture. Thy are painstakingly grown in greenhouses without being touched by rain.
8. This is made with Kyoho grapes and wine. For you wine lovers, you can add 100ml of wine to 250 ml water. Boil the wine well when serving this dessert to children.
9. This is Kyoho grape and red wine jelly.

Story Behind this Recipe

Okayama prefecture Muscat Grapes
taste great by themselves, but I decided to try making them into a jiggly jello.
I like soft jello, so I adjusted the amounts. You can make this with other grapes and red wine as well!