Soy Milk Hot Pot after Yuba Tofu Skin

Soy Milk Hot Pot after Yuba Tofu Skin

Enjoy just the cooked sweet yuba tofu skin first, and eat soy milk hot pot next! It would be expensive if you have this at a restaurant specializing in tofu, but you can cook the dish at home for cheap.

Ingredients: About 2 servings

Soy milk (pure)
1000 ml
Tofu (Silken is recommended)
Napa Chinese cabbage (Komatsuna or pak choi)
3 - 5 leaves
Mushrooms (shimeji, enoki, king oyster mushrooms or etc.)
As much as you want
Pork belly or chicken thigh
200 g
Aburaage (cut into rectangles)
To taste
Ground sesame (white)
To taste


1. Cut the meat and vegetables into bite size pieces.
2. Heat the soy milk in a pot. Turn down the heat to low just before it boils.
3. Rest for a short time, and films of yuba (tofu skin) form on the surface, so eat and enjoy them!
4. Put lots of ground sesame in ponzu sauce and dip yuba in it. It is delicious!
5. Put the meat and vegetables in the pot after you have enjoyed eating yuba. Eat the ingredients that take less time to cook first, and eat others when they are cooked.

Story Behind this Recipe

I ate the yuba and soy milk hot pot at a tofu restaurant, so I tried to make it at home!
If you eat it at the restaurant specialized in tofu, it is expensive. It is great to cook it at home because it is economical and delicious!