Quail Egg Bunny Rabbits

Quail Egg Bunny Rabbits

These are easy and cute. You can put one in a bento or use them as a side dish. They're sure to put a smile on your face.

Ingredients: 1 rabbit

Quail egg
Black sesame seeds
2 seeds


1. Boil the quail egg and peel off the shell (Using a precooked one is fine).
2. Cut a little off one side. The cut side becomes the bottom so you can make it without it falling over.
3. Slice a wedge out of the thin sliver from Step 2, as shown in the picture. (This becomes the ears.)
4. Make a small cut into the side of the egg at the pointier end (this is where the ears will be attached.)
5. Insert the ears from Step 3 into the cut from Step 4, stick on the sesame seeds to make the eyes, and it's done.
6. Put them on cucumbers.

Story Behind this Recipe

Once I saw them placed on the side of a large dish in a store and thought, "How cute," so I copied that.