Luxurious Egg White and Almond Flour Cookies

Luxurious Egg White and Almond Flour Cookies

These are rich tasting cookies made with a generous amount of almond flour. They are light yet rich and extravagant.

Ingredients: 25-30 three cm large cookies

Egg whites
Almond flour
Sugar (Use 20 g of powdered sugar if you can)
20g of regular and powdered sugar - 40 g total
Heavy cream (or milk)
1 tablespoon
Cake flour
Unsalted butter
Ganache and Butter Cream from Recipe ID: 769404


1. Sift the almond flour, 20g of sugar, and cake flour together, add in the heavy cream, and mix.
2. Add in the melted butter and stir. (The dough is hard so knead it in),
3. In another bowl, add in the egg whites and 20g of sugar to make a meringue (whip until stiff peaks form).
4. First take 1/4 of the meringue, add to the mixture from step 2, and stir in. Add in the remaining meringue once the dough has softened, and mix.
5. Place the dough into a pastry bag, and squeeze out into about 3 cm sized drops, using a 1cm head. (The dough will spread out, so leave space between drops).
6. Bake in an oven preheated to 170C for about 16 minutes, and bake until they turn a nice baked color. Take out and place onto a rack to cool. Fill with ganache if you would like.
7. Post script: These bake quite moist, but I will add that baking at 150C and letting them cool in the fridge will make them crispy.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a variation on something called Duchesse cookies. I reduced the amount of sugar and butter as much as possible. This cookie is often made using praline cream, but I personally like plain buttercream the best.