Kabocha Squash Manju (Steamed Buns)

Kabocha Squash Manju (Steamed Buns)

Wouldn't you like to try kabocha manju? The filling is also made from kabocha. This is a simple manju recipe that uses pancake mix.

Ingredients: 6 manju

Pancake mix
100 g
Vegetable oil
5 ml
25 ml or less
Mashed kabocha squash
40 g
(Refer to Recipe ID: 640899 for the kabocha paste filling)
Kabocha paste
120 g
Kabocha rind
As needed
Kabocha seeds


1. Put pancake mix into a bowl. Mash the kabocha and pass through a strainer into the same bowl. Add vegetable oil, then add milk in small batches.
2. Be careful because you may need more or less milk depending on how watery your kabocha is. Mix until it's as soft as your earlobes! Divide into 6 portions.
3. Divide the kabocha paste filling into 6 portions and roll into balls.
4. Form balls with the dough from Step 2 and flatten into circles. Wrap up the paste.
5. Make a face using the kabocha rind. Press the pieces into the manju to secure them on. Stick the seeds on top.
6. Steam for 12 to 15 minutes in a boiling steamer to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make kabocha manju. My sister taught me how to make manju, so I referred to her recipe to put this together.