Asian Pear Jam

Asian Pear Jam

If you have a bunch of Asian pears, why not turn them into jam? The fleshy texture gives it a flavorful appeal.


Asian pear
1 (net weight 300 g)
Sugar (granulated sugar, if available)
90 g (30 % the weight of the pear)
Lemon juice
1 tablespoon


1. Grate half of the pears, and cut the other half into wedges. Of course, you can process them any way you like.
2. Put the pears into a pot, sprinkle sugar and lemon juice on top, and let sit until the sugar dissolves.
3. When the sugar dissolves, simmer on medium heat, and carefully scoop out any scum that rises to the top.
4. While simmering, continuously stir to prevent burning, and remove from heat when it starts to thicken.
5. To sterilize a jar, after washing it, microwave for 1 minute. If that's a pain, just boil it instead.
6. Fill the jar with jam while it's still hot, and there you go. It's tasty on yoghurt or cottage cheese.

Story Behind this Recipe

I received a lot of Asian pears, and figured they would last longer if I made them into jam.