Microwaved Iri-Tamago Fine Scrambled Eggs And Egg Balls

Microwaved Iri-Tamago Fine Scrambled Eggs And Egg Balls

When you want one more thing for a bento! There's very little washing up to make this so it's great for busy mornings. Top the scrambled egg on rice bowls or mix it into rice balls!

Ingredients: 1 batch (or 2 egg balls)

Use your favorite seasonings, such as:
Salt, soy sauce, sugar etc.
Ketchup (for egg balls)
an appropriate amount


1. Break the egg into a heatproof bowl. Add seasonings and mix well. Microwave (500 W) for 40 seconds uncovered.
2. Break up the egg into fine pieces with the whisk.
3. Microwave for another 10 seconds. Break up the eggs finely again. (If you're making iri-tamago, they're done!)
4. To make egg balls: Let the egg cool down a bit. Wrap in plastic wrap and twist tightly. Leave for a while like that.
5. When the ball is stable, invert it into a bento cup and top with a little ketchup.
6. You can keep the egg balls in plastic wrap and add a ribbon to make it cute.
7. Attention: Microwaving times are guidelines only. If the egg needs more cooking, cook a bit longer in 10 second increments.
8. One person tried adding a crab stick.
9. Here's one person who added heart-shaped slices of ham. He says he put the ham on the plastic wrap first and the egg on top to form the balls without the ham slipping.

Story Behind this Recipe

For bento making on busy mornings! When I have no time to make a tamoyaki, or when I don't want to increase my washing-up load, I often make this.