Easy and Totally Delicious Shirasu Rice Bowl

Easy and Totally Delicious Shirasu Rice Bowl

The fragrance of the sesame oil and nori seaweed will really get your appetite going. Children love this too!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Plain cooked rice
1 bowlful
Shirasu (boiled and dried baby sardines)
to taste
Sesame oil
about 1 teaspoon
The white part of a Japanese leek
Shiso leaves
2 to 3 leaves
Soy sauce
to taste
Nori seaweed (finely shredded)
to taste
Beni shoga red pickled ginger
to taste
White sesame seeds
a little


1. Chop the Japanese leek up finely and put into a bowl of water. Shred the shiso leaves finely and put in water also.
2. Put some rice into a bowl, and add enough shirasu to cover the surface completely.
3. Add the well drained leek on top of the shirasu and rice, sprinkle on the sesame oil, drizzle on some soy sauce, add the shredded nori seaweed, then finally top with the shredded shiso leaves and beni shouga pickled ginger.
4. Add some sesame seeds to finish. Mix well before eating.
5. "Shin"-san tried adding a soft, creamy boiled egg on top.
6. "Tamo-tan" tried it with an egg yolk on top.
7. "JUNW"-san tried it with a soft-set egg on top.
8. "mzhroom-chan" tried it topped with mayonnaise.
9. "Orinta"-san tried adding some crispy aburaage. Looks delicious!
10. "Chaamiru-chan" tried it with chopped umeboshi (pickled plums) on top. It looks refreshing and delicious!

Story Behind this Recipe

When I got hungry one night, I tried making a rice bowl with my favorite things, and it turned out really delicious...