A Nursery School Pasta with Mellow Cream Sauce

A Nursery School Pasta with Mellow Cream Sauce

It's nutritious because it's thickened with creamed corn and grated cheese instead of flour. Children love this pasta thanks to the sweetness from the corn.

Ingredients: 1 adult serving

100 g
Ham, bacon or chicken thigh
40 g
Ingredients of your choice
Mushrooms, onion, etc.
1 teaspoon
White wine
50 ml
Creamed corn from a can
50 g
Heavy cream
50 ml
(Pasta water)
50 ml
Powdered bouillon
As needed
Grated cheese
1 tablespoon


1. This is what I used: creamed corn.
2. Sauté the ham and other ingredients with butter. Steam with white wine.
3. When they are cooked, add the corn, cream, and cooking water. Let the mixed ingredients come to a boil. Season with powdered bouillon and grated cheese, then toss with the pasta.

Story Behind this Recipe

A recipe for nursery schools. This is really popular during throughout autumn to winter!