How to Cook Delicious Rice in a Saucepan

How to Cook Delicious Rice in a Saucepan

With this method, it's quicker and more convenient than using a rice cooker. The rice is also more delicious and fluffier. It's perfect with natto (fermented soy beans).

Ingredients: 1 rice cooker cup (150 g) (18 cm non-stick saucepan)

Uncooked rice
1 rice cooker cup worth (150 g)
1 cup (200 ml)


1. Rinse rice with water and drain well. Put rice in the saucepan and pour the listed amount of water. Soak for at least 30 minutes (I usually leave it for more than an hour).
2. Cook the rice. Cover with a lid and cook over high heat until boiling (you can lift the lid to check the progress). Once it's boiling, turn down to low heat and cook for 10 minutes.
3. After 10 minutes, turn up to high heat again for 5 seconds or so and turn off. Let it steam for 10 minutes with the lid on. Then, open the lid and gently stir the rice from the bottom.
4. FYI... 1.5 rice cooker cups is 225 g of raw rice + 300 ml of water. 2 rice cooker cups is 300 g of raw rice + 400 ml of water. Cooking 1.5 rice cooker cups is a very useful amount.
5. I cooked 2 rice cooker cups' worth of raw rice in a Le Creuset pot. It was fluffier and sweeter than cooking in a normal saucepan.

Story Behind this Recipe

My rice cooker can only cook from 300 g to 1.5 kg of rice. However, if I use a saucepan, I can cook less than 300 g of rice whenever.