Lotus Root Kinpira Stir-fry A Delicious Staple Side Dish

Lotus Root Kinpira Stir-fry A Delicious Staple Side Dish

This crunchy lotus root kinpira stir-fry is perfect for bento lunchboxes. It's a handy item to keep stocked in the fridge as well.

Ingredients: 2-3 servings

Lotus root
Red chili pepper (cut into round slices)
1 tablespoon
★Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon
Dashi stock granules
1/2 teaspoon
Toasted white sesame seeds
a small amount
Sesame oil
a small amount


1. Peel the lotus root, cut it in quarters lengthwise, and slice thinly. Soak it in water with a little vinegar, change the water once and drain.
2. Put some sesame oil in a frying pan and lightly stir-fry the red pepper. Add the lotus root and stir-fry over high heat.
3. Add in the ★ ingredients and the dashi stock granules. Stir-fry until most of the moisture has evaporated off.
4. Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle with toasted white sesame seeds.
5. You can also cut the lotus root it in 2 mm thick round slices, before stir-frying.
6. Add julienned carrots to make it more colorful and to increase the volume. Konnyaku is also a nice addition.
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Story Behind this Recipe

My mother taught me how to make this.