Cook for 15 Minutes Delicious Plum Jam

Cook for 15 Minutes Delicious Plum Jam

I somehow made a really rich jam with some cheap plums And I just left everything to the microwave.

Ingredients: 2 ordinary sized jam jars

5 (approximately 330 g)
9 tablespoons (approximately 110 g)
Lemon juice
1 tablespoon


1. Carefully wash the plums and cut them into quarters. Place the quarters into a large heat-resistant bowl (still with skins and seeds.)
2. Add the sugar to the bowl as well and cover it with a lid (or wrap it with cling film). Then heat it for 5 minutes in the microwave.
3. Take it out and stir it. Then remove the lid (or cling film) and heat it in the microwave for a further 10 minutes.
4. Remove the seeds and mix in the lemon juice. It's done Transfer the jam to a sterilised jar, leave it to cool, then place it in the refrigerator to store.

Story Behind this Recipe

Whenever I've looked for a plum jam recipe they all describe countless hours of simmering in a saucepan. I'm too impatient for that so I tried using the method that I usually use to make strawberry jam to make a plum version and it turned it really well.