Rich and Tasty Beef Tendon Curry Made in a Pressure Cooker

Rich and Tasty Beef Tendon Curry Made in a Pressure Cooker

This is a thick and tasty curry with beef tendons. I use reduced-calorie curry roux, so it is healthier! It's expensive if you order this in a restaurant.

Ingredients: Serves 8

Curry roux
1 packet
A different kind of curry roux with a differing level of spiciness from the curry roux above
1 piece or more
Red wine
1/2 cup
Water & beef tendon cooking juice
1000 ml altogether
Salt and pepper
to taste
Beef tendons
300 g
2, large
1, large
600 g
Caramelised Onions
3 cloves
Ginger (use the skin for cooking the beef tendons)
1 knob
Cumin seeds (optional)
1 teaspoon
For enhancing the flavour
A. Honey
1-2 tablespoons
A,. Bouillon cubes
B. Milk
about 2 ladles
B. Garam masala (optional)
2 teaspoons


1. Prepare the beef tendons. Put the beef tendons and water in a pan and let boil over twice. Rinse the scum. Add the beef tendons, ginger peels, green part of Japanese leeks (optional), and water and cook over high pressure for 10 minutes.
2. Discard the green parts of the leeks and ginger peels. Divide the beef tendons and cooking liquid. If you finish this the day before, it will be easier the next day.
3. Caramelized onions Put oil (not listed), chopped garlic, ginger and cumin in a frying pan and heat. When it's aromatic, add onions.
4. Salt and evaporate as much moisture as possible, and avoid burning. Cover with a lid and cook until golden brown. Transfer to a plate and set aside.
5. Cooking the curry I use a pressure cooker to cook, so cut the vegetables into big chunks as they might break down too much while cooking. You can use whole potatoes.
6. Put oil in the same frying pan and stir-fry the vegetables with salt and pepper quickly. Add the beef tendons, caramelized onions, and grated apple. Continue stir-frying.
7. Add red wine and cover with a lid to steam and infuse the aroma. Transfer to a pressure cooker.
8. Using the same pan without washing, mix with water and pour into the pressure cooker. Add the "A" ingredients to enhance the flavour. Add the bay leaf and cook over high pressure for 3 minutes.
9. Saute the vegetables to garnish while the pressure cooker is cooking.
10. After cooking, turn the heat off and add the curry roux little by little to melt. Cook over low heat and add the "B" ingredients to enhance the flavour. It is ready!!
11. This is a thick and tasty curry. It's even tastier the next day. Use sturdy potatoes because you don't want them to break down too much.
12. Note: If you add honey after the curry roux, the sauce itself might not thicken well.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was chosen as a food tester of a curry roux company and also given good quality beef tendons. I just wanted to make luxurious curry.