Vibrant Green Creamy Zunda Edamame Mochi (Ohagi)

Vibrant Green Creamy Zunda Edamame Mochi (Ohagi)

These are ohagi rice cakes representative of Sendai. If you remove the thin membrane from the edamame and pound in a mortar, then it will turn out surprisingly creamy . You can use leftovers with bean paste to make delicious shakes or bean paste sandwiches.

Ingredients: 10 small ohagi

1 cup net weight
Light brown sugar (or white sugar)
3~4 tablespoons
a small amount
Non-glutinous rice: mochi rice (1:1)
1 rice cooker cup combined (180 ml)


1. Boil the edamame in salted water. Boiling a little longer than usual will make it easy when smashing them.
2. Remove the edamame from the pods, and remove the thin membrane as well. This takes patience! I get tired halfway through too, but keep at it~.
3. Place the peeled edamame into a mortar, and grind with a wooden pestle. You hit the edamame, so it becomes pounded bean paste (zunda) for the rice cakes . Mash with your willpower!
4. Once the bean chunks have disappeared, add salt and sugar, and mash even further until smooth. It will be hard if there is not enough sugar, and will be a really loose an paste if there is too much. Adjust to your preference while checking the taste.
5. For those of you who lack willpower, feel free to use a food processor. This will leave behind a few grains, but it will smooth out when you mash it up in a mortar with salt and sugar.
6. Yes! It is done~ . We made a pretty green zunda-an. Good job! You can save this paste in the fridge.
7. As for the ohagi rice cakes, cook mochi rice and non-glutinous rice in a 1:1 ratio, and half-smash in a mortar etc. while it is still hot. Don't let it live, and don't kill it...
8. Roll the rice cakes into easy-to-eat pieces and coat with the paste. Coat the remaining rice cakes in grated sesame. Now, let's enjoy. These are delicious and homemade.
9. This is a heavy cream and zunda-an paste sandwiches . These are warm and fluffy soft sandwiches. It's also really good in cream puffs.
10. These are tofu shiratama dango dumplings.
11. Post-script: I was able to make a smooth paste in a food processor. After adding sugar and salt, I blended for longer until it thickened and it turned out ok.

Story Behind this Recipe

I make these rice cakes every year during Obon (ohagi). These are sold everywhere in Sendai, but store quality tends to be "just sweet." You can eat as much as you want with moderately sweetened homemade ohagi!