Fig Compote

Fig Compote

Serve thee compote chilled, with yogurt, add in cake batters or baked in tarts.


Figs (stems removed)
750 g
250 g
100 to 150 ml


1. Wash the figs and discard the stem ends. Add in a pan and cover with sugar. Make sure the figs don't fall apart.
2. Swirl in the water and simmer over low-medium heat gently so that the figs don't fall apart.
3. I simmered with with an otoshibuta or drop lid made with a scrunched up aluminum foil with several holes poked in it. This also helps remove any scum from the surface.
4. When there's almost no moisture left and it has taken on a syrupy consistency, it's done. Transfer to a storage container. It will keep for a while in the refrigerator!
5. Add to plain yogurt instead of jam, mix the fig into the yogurt and enjoy. It's pretty sweet, so one fig is enough!

Story Behind this Recipe

My grandma used to make these every summer. They are just cooked in sugar water. Although they are so simple, they are so good!