Convenient Dried Parsley

Convenient Dried Parsley

You can dry 1 bunch of parsley in just 7 minutes in the microwave.


Fresh parsley
1-2 bunches


1. Pick just the younger leaves of the parsley, not the stems, and soak them in water. Once soaked, use a cloth or similar to squeeze out any excess liquid.
2. Spread the parsley out into a thin layer on top of 6-7 sheets of kitchen towels and heat for 4 minutes in the microwave. Wipe away the moisture that's condensed on the microwave door and heat for a further 3 minutes.
3. Keep an eye on the parsley and once it has fully dried, take it out of the microwave and place in a plastic bag. Grind the parsley down through the bag using your fingers and store in a jar.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I learnt this recipe from my friend who loves cooking.