Spiral Onigiri Rice Balls

Spiral Onigiri Rice Balls

The tip is to salt the rice well. Wrap in your favorite ingredients!

Ingredients: about 8 pieces (as shown in the picture)

Toasted nori seaweed
1 square sheet
Hot cooked rice
1 rice bowl worth (200 g)
a small amount
a small amount
Salted plum


1. Crisp a sheet of nori over heat.
2. Salt warmed rice.
3. Mix in the yukari seasoning. ※Taste and adjust with more salt if necessary.
4. Spread rice over the rough side of the nori sheet. Keep the top 2 cm edge of the nori empty.
5. Top with deseeded umeboshi pickled plum. I laid a strip of pickled shiso leaves on the far end.
6. Roll from the side closest to you. ※The tip is to roll tightly. You do not need a sushi rolling mat.
7. Once rolled, lay the rolled edge down and rest until the nori softens.
8. Slice the roll by moistening a knife with wet kitchen paper after each slice.
9. This is a quartered sheet of nori. If you use smaller sheets of nori, you can make hosomaki thin rolls. ※For this, I used okaka chirimen (seasoned bonito flakes and jako fish).
10. The mini rolls are also cute. When my child was small, I served the rolls this size.
11. This is a halved sheet of nori with kombu kelp with herring roe on kelp (komochi kombu kelp). Use whatever ingredients you like.
12. I had an onigiri rolling party by myself (and indulged in gluttony).
13. This is herring roe on kelp (komochi kombu kelp) with flaked salmon. It's perfect for bento. You don't touch the rolls with your hands, and won't go bad during the hot summer months.
14. These are rolls made of mixed rice.
15. These rolls cool faster than onigiri.

Story Behind this Recipe

On a day when I was planning to make onigiri, I cut my hand with a vegetable slicer.
Since I couldn't touch the rice with my hands, I decided to roll the ingredients and it was surprisingly good.