Macrobiotic Steamed Nagaimo Yam and Amazake Bread

Macrobiotic Steamed Nagaimo Yam and Amazake Bread

I wanted to make some macrobiotic steamed bread with ingredients I had on hand, and it turned out to be a great success when I tried! I ended up with a wonderful slightly sweet and rich steamed bread.

Ingredients: 6 servings

Nagaimo yams (peeled)
100 g
Sweet sake
100 ml
Beet sugar
4 tablespoons (you can use less if you'd like)
Canola oil (or rapeseed oil)
1 tablespoon
※Whole wheat flour (something that has strong bread flour in it)
100 g
※Baking powder (without aluminum added)
1 teaspoon
Mixed nuts (this is for decoration, so please use what you'd like)
About 2 tablespoons


1. Grate the nagaimo yam, and mix in the sweet sake, water, canola oil, and beet sugar with a wooden spatula or egg beater in order.
2. Mix the whole wheat flour and baking powder together. ※I like cutting corners, so I put both into a Tupperware container and lightly shook the ingredients together.
3. Add Step 2 to Step 1 a bit at a time. ※Make sure to mix well so that it doesn't clump up.
4. Cut out a small piece of parchment paper and line a microwave safe container with it (you can use a teacup if you'd like), and pour in the batter. Add in nuts of you'd like (I used some leftover nuts as a garnish).
5. It will take 5 minutes over low heat if you use a pressure cooker to steam it (let it sit until the pressure dissipates). It should take around 15 minutes with a regular steamer.

Story Behind this Recipe

I think macrobiotic recipes look unappetizing in general, but I wanted to make a delicious macrobiotic snack with ingredients available on hand! I came up with a wonderful, slightly sweet and rich steamed bread. It tastes best fresh out of the oven.