Baby Solid Food Banana Steamed Bread in a Microwave

Baby Solid Food Banana Steamed Bread in a Microwave

All you have to do is mix the ingredients in a container, and microwave for 3 minutes. Easy! Quick! and Tasty! I used a small amount of flour, so it's still fluffy even if you don't eat it immediately.

Ingredients: 1 Ziploc container

1 (80 g peeled)
1 large
Powdered milk (skim milk)
10 g
10 g
Vegetable oil
10 g
Cake flour
45 g
Baking powder
3 g


1. Put the banana in a Ziploc container, and mash with a fork. Add egg, sugar, and a little bit of powdered milk, then mix well.
2. Add the remaining powdered milk, cake flour, baking powder, vegetable oil, and mix well (I mashed with a fork until the end).
3. Cover with a lid, and microwave for 3 minutes at 500W. Take it out from the microwave, and make sure there are no uncooked part on the bottom or the sides. Put it upside down, and let it sit for a while.
4. As you can see from the top, it has expanded..
5. It looks like this when you slice it in half.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make an easy snack when I didn't have pancake mix. When you eat it with kids, if you buy a store-bought steam bread for babies, it's small and expensive.