Macrobiotic ^^ Fried Lotus Root Seaweed

Macrobiotic ^^ Fried Lotus Root Seaweed

I replaced the egg with nagaimo yam from an original recipe to make this a macrobiotic dish. It's chewier and delicious. ♪ Try them as a snack. ♪


Lotus root
1 stalk (as much as desired)
Nagaimo, yam (or substitute with 1 egg)
about 5 cm
Nori seaweed (flavored or baked)
10 sheets
to taste
Yuzu pepper paste
to taste


1. Peel the lotus root and the nagaimo, grate, and mix. Use however much lotus root you like.
2. Spread out 1.5 to 2 tablespoons of the mixture from Step 1 onto each sheet of the square or rectangular nori.
3. Heat 5-mm to 1-cm of oil in a frying pan. Pick up both ends of the nori and carefully place in the oil with the nori facing down. Place as if sliding in.
4. Once the edges of the lotus root have changed color, flip it over, taking care not to let them fall apart. Fry until golden brown.
5. Once they've fried, place on a paper towel to drain the oil. Apply the combined ponzu and yuzu pepper paste and enjoy. ^^♪
6. I tried frying them with egoma leaves.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'd found a recipe from somewhere way back when for fried lotus root seaweed. Since I started a macrobiotic diet, I substituted the egg with nagaimo. It made them more chewy. ^^