Temari Sushi Balls with Shrimp

Temari Sushi Balls with Shrimp

These are cute and easy to eat.

Ingredients: 10

Sushi vinegar
About 3 tablespoons
Sushi rice
10 rice balls
Daikon radish sprouts


1. Boil shrimps and soak in sushi vinegar (peel and remove the heads.)
2. When the shrimps cool, slice in half lengthwise.
3. Cut sufficient number of plastic wraps for the temari sushi.
4. Lay the sliced shrimps on the plastic wrap in pairs.
5. When they are placed like the picture above, flip them over.
6. Take sushi rice and gently squeeze into balls and then top of the shrimp pairs.
7. Wrap the plastic wraps around the rice balls and twist tightly to make ball shapes. Then let rest.
8. Unwrap and decorate with daikon radish sprouts leaves between the prawns.
9. This one has a coating of sakura denbu and nanohana greens on the top.
10. Finish off with salmon roe on top.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this because it is so easy to eat and cute. It's handy to serve for guests or at a small party. I also packed these in my daughter's lunch box!