Toast with Corn and Butter

Toast with Corn and Butter

Is it only me who thinks corn and butter are the best combination ever!?
Enjoy the crunchy, juicy combination to your heart's content.

Ingredients: 1 toast

Sliced bread
1 slice
Corn kernels
2 tablespoons
Butter or margarine
1 to 2 tablespoons
Salt and black pepper
to taste
Other possible additions:
Sliced cheese
Parmesan cheese
Grated cheese
Miso, soy sauce...


1. To reinforce the bread, spread butter on both sides of the bread. Then top one half of the bread with half of the corn to begin. If there are other ingredients you would like to add at this stage, go ahead.
2. Then add the rest of the corn. Toast slightly longer than your usual toasting time. Top with more butter to make it even more juicy and delicious.
3. I recommend seasoning only with salt. It really improves the taste of the butter. Or add 1/2 teaspoon of miso for miso-butter-toast. So good.
4. You can prevent the corn from falling off if you mix in some easy melting cheese.

Story Behind this Recipe

I always thought butter was the best seasoning for corn, but there were no recipes to make toast with the standard corn-and-butter combination.