Apple Sauce

Apple Sauce

If you ask what you could use this with, I would say that you could serve it with things like pancakes, add it to curries, or eat it as is for a snack. You could also use this for baby food.


as many as you like


1. Bring water to boil in a pot, and boil the apples whole for about 30 minutes. Remove the skin, cut each apple into four pieces, and remove the core. (The apples will be soft, so be careful not to cut yourself.)
2. Blend in a food processor until smooth, and you're finished.
3. You can store these in containers like jars, but if you are unable to eat it all right away, you can divide the apple sauce into small portions and store it in the freezer. I divide them into 100 ml portions and freeze them.

Story Behind this Recipe

I frequently use apple sauce in recipes that don't use eggs. In the United States, apple sauce is very popular and is sold in jars, or in small portions for children's snacks, but I think that making it by hand is best if possible.