3 Types of Adzuki Bean Mochi

3 Types of Adzuki Bean Mochi

This recipe will give you three types of mochi (Ohagi): Tsubu-an, black sesame seeds, and kinako. This homemade anko holds back on the sugar.

Ingredients: 12-15 mochi

2 rice cooker cups (360 ml)
(Recipe ID: 623796)
as needed
Ground black sesame seeds
as needed
to taste
as needed


1. Boil the adzuki beans and make the anko. Refer to (Recipe ID: 623796).
2. Cook the rice. Once cooked, mash the rice with a wet rolling pin and form into balls.
3. Since the rice balls will be covered with the anko, roll into small balls.
4. Combine the sesame seeds, sugar, and salt. Combine the kinako, sugar, and salt.
5. Place a portion of anko in the palm of your hand and spread it out. Place a ball of rice in the center and wrap it up.
6. Place the rice wrapped with anko in the kinako or black sesame seed mixtures, and coat completely.
7. 250 g of adzuki beans and 180 g of sugar will yield 500 g of tsubu-an. I use 50 g of anko for each ball. I use 25-30 g of kinako.
8. Each ball is made with 50 g of rice.

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned this recipe from my mother. You can also make these with non-glutinous rice (they won't become hard.) "Make Ohagi with leftover rice" (Recipe ID: 2343456) Add glutinous rice to the leftover regular rice and cook it. This will keep the ohagi from becoming hard. The ratio should be 2:1.