5 Minute Mochi

5 Minute Mochi

Presto! In 5 minutes you can make mochi from mochi rice. They're slightly different from pounded mochi but still delicious.

Ingredients: An amount made with easy measurements

Mochi rice
1 rice cup's worth (180 ml)
120 ml


1. Rinse the rice well. Use a blender to mix the water with the rice until you end up with a mixture that's thick and heavy.
2. Pour into a heat-proof dish.
3. Cover and microwave for 3 minutes at 700 W.
4. Use a dampened spoon to stir and stretch the mixture into a smooth mochi-like consistency.
5. Serve them as you'd like. This time I coated it in kinako and crushed sesame seeds. I formed the balls using a spoon.
6. This recipe is also good for filling aburaage pouches for oden.

Story Behind this Recipe

My mother taught me this.
I really doubted whether this would work, but just as I was second-guessing myself, real mochi materialized before my eyes!
This is great when you want to eat mochi. You might never buy pre-made, pre-cut mochi again!