Pound Cake-Shaped Fluffy Butter-Top Bread

Pound Cake-Shaped Fluffy Butter-Top Bread

Yeast made at home can also be soft and fluffy! I'm really into making bread loaves (butter-top) using pound cake pans that can be bought at a dollar store!

Ingredients: makes 2 8 x 17 x depth 6 cm pound cake pan

Strong flour (use Super King if possible)
250 g
Sourdough starter
100 g
Margarine (or salted butter)
15 g
140 - 150 ml adjustable
2 teaspoons
Salted butter to coat before baking
enough for 2 7 mm x 4 cm pans


1. Add the flour and sugar to a large bowl. Add the sourdough starter and 140 ml of milk. Mix and knead. Once it's mixed together, add the remaining milk as needed.
2. Knead for about 5 minutes, spreading out and tapping on the palm of your hand. Add the margarine in about 4 parts and continue to mix and knead until smooth.
3. Let rise until the dough becomes 2.5 to 3 cm, then divide the dough in half. Make each piece round and let sit for 20 minutes. Use your hands to stretch the dough until just smaller than the pound cake pan, then roll up from the edges.
4. Place the dough in the pans that have been coated in shortening and let rise a second time until double in size. In this and the previous step, be careful not to let it dry out.
5. Use a razor to cut the dough and place the butter in the slits. Place in the 220°C preheated oven (together with the baking pan) and cook for about 13 minutes and it's complete!
6. Using the strongest bread flour, a small size, high baking temperature, and short baking time, you get this nice and soft fluffy bread. A texture just like the professional brands!

Story Behind this Recipe

A mini-sized butter top made in a pound cake pan bought at the dollar store. The butter is soaked in from the crack at the top, so it's plenty delicious as-is! I made this recipe for an easy size that lets you cut and store it.