Homemade Chewy Kudzu Tofu

Homemade Chewy Kudzu Tofu

The viscous and delicious flavor is similar to sesame tofu.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Soy milk (rich)
500 ml
Kudzu starch
40 g
Ginger, wasabi, soy sauce (rock salt)
To taste


1. Please use as rich of soy milk as you possibly can. Dissolve the kudzu starch in the soy milk, stir, and let sit for 10 minutes so it dissolves well.
2. Pour step 1 into a small sauce pot through a strainer.
3. Turn it on over a medium heat, and reduce to a low heat once it starts to solidify from the bottom. Stir continuously.
4. Remove it from the heat once it has started to gradually solidify and stir in order to get rid of the clumps. Then put it back on the burner over a low heat and knead.
5. It's ready once it looks like this.
6. Transfer step 3 to a vat, chill in an ice water bath, and transfer to the fridge to solidify once it has cooled.
7. It is done once it solidifies in the fridge.
8. I think that wasabi and soy sauce make the most delicious combo.

Story Behind this Recipe

I found some lightly flavored dishes such as horse sashimi, sashimi, nizuke...dishes with simple tastes like that at a tasty Japanese restaurant in Fukuoka's Harukichi District. You could tell that the owner put a lot of love into their dishes. Who would've thought there could be a restaurant like this? Their homemade tofu was really delicious, so I tried my hand at reproducing the same dish through trial and error.