Delicious Almond Jelly

Delicious Almond Jelly

This almond jelly is delicious, smooth, and rich.

Ingredients: 4 servings

100 ml
Heavy cream
100 ml
Granulated sugar
20 g
125 ml
7 g
Almond essence
as needed
100 g
400 ml
Canned mikan oranges
as needed
Canned pineapple
as needed


1. Make a syrup by combining the ★ ingredients in a heated saucepan. Once dissolved, leave the pan to chill. Add some water to the gelatin and leave to soak, then heat it up in the microwave to dissolve.
2. Heat the milk, water and sugar together in a pan. Pour in the gelatin mixture and heat until the sugar has dissolved.
3. Once the mixture from Step 2 has cooled, thoroughly mix in the almond essence and cream.
4. Transfer the mixture from Step 3 into cocottes or serving dishes and leave to chill and set. When set, cut the jelly into diamond shapes while still in the containers and mix well with some canned mikan oranges, pineapple and syrup.

Story Behind this Recipe

I modified a recipe that my friend taught me.