Cake-style Crepes

Cake-style Crepes

These crepes are wrapped with bananas, heavy cream, and sponge cake. I made this slightly elegant cake-style crepes.

Ingredients: 8 servings

■ Basic crepe batter
Recipe ID: 416857 (8 crepes worth)
■ Banana
to taste
■ Heavy cream
Heavy cream
120 ml
10 g
■ Caramel Custard Cream
Recipe ID: 613183
■ Swiss roll batter
Recipe ID: 613183
Eggs (large)
45 g
Cake flour
35 g


1. Prepare the sponge cake using the Swiss roll recipe. Half the recipe and bake in a large baking sheet so that the cake layer is thin (I used a 27 x 20 cm baking sheet). Cut into 12 portions.
2. Prepare the caramel custard cream and then let it cool.
3. Make the crepes and cover with plastic wrap to prevent drying.
4. Slice the banana into your desired width. Then first put the banana slices on the crepe. I just put three slices on the crepe.
5. On top of that, sprinkle with sugar and whipped heavy cream. Then slather the caramel custard on the sponge cake.
6. Then lay the cake on top. So, from the bottom it should be banana, heavy cream, caramel custard and the sponge cake.
7. Wrap the toppings in the crepe.
8. It's ready! Put it in the fridge to chill, then serve.
9. You have the fluffy sponge cake and the bittersweet heavy cream. Plus the bananas are wrapped into the moist crepe. It's so delicious, there'll be no complaints!

Story Behind this Recipe

I really like crepes, so one day I made a huge batch. I tried to replicate the cake sold at a neighborhood pastry shop, but they use normal custard cream inside. As it's been hot lately, I've replaced it with bittersweet cream.