Ice Cold! Easy Hiyajiru (Cold Miso Soup)

Ice Cold! Easy Hiyajiru (Cold Miso Soup)

This is a regional speciality of Miyazaki. Let's get through the hot summer with cold hiyajiru!

Ingredients: 4 servings

2 small
Firm tofu
1/2 block
4 tablespoons
Roasted sesame seeds
4 tablespoons
Bonito dashi stock
1 teaspoon
Dashi stock granules made from dried sardines (iriko)
1 teaspoon
Green shiso leaves
4 leaves
Boiling water
200 ml
200 ml


1. Grind sesame seeds in a mortar. Add miso and dashi stock granules, and mix well.
2. Add 200 ml of boiling water, and mix well.
3. Slice the cucumbers and crumble the tofu with your hands. Add both to the Step 2 mixture.
4. Add about 200 ml of ice.
5. Shred the shiso leaves, add to the mixture and it's done. It's ready to eat when the ice has melted. If you have time, chill in the refrigerator to make it even colder.
6. It's mainly eaten poured over rice, I believe??

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a regional speciality of Miyazaki prefecture. I made it so that we could have ice cold hiyajiru on a hot day quickly.
When I'm short on time, I always use this method.