No Heavy Cream Egg Tarts

No Heavy Cream Egg Tarts

Only 4 ingredients Delicious both freshly baked, or once they're nicely cooled down.

Ingredients: makes 6 tarts (10 cm square aluminium cups)

Frozen puff pastry
2 sheets
6 tablespoons
1 cup


1. Whip the eggs and sugar thoroughly in a bowl. Mix in the milk. Take out the frozen puff pastries from the freezer to defrost.
2. Once the puff pastries have become slightly soft, roll out into a rectangle, cut into thirds, and transfer onto the mold (just use aluminum cups ).
3. Send the mixture through a strainer and pour into the cups. Bake for 25 minutes in a 180℃ oven.

Story Behind this Recipe

The expiration date on my eggs and milk were drawing near, so I wanted to make egg tarts. But then the recipe I knew was so time-consuming since it used heavy cream and the egg mixture had to sit for a while. So, as an experiment, I made it with just the milk, and it turned out great!