Reduced-Sodium Umeboshi

Reduced-Sodium Umeboshi

This is a recipe to make white umeboshi without using red shiso leaves.
They are made with a reduced amount of salt, giving them a fruity touch.


Nanko-ume plums
3 kg
300 g (10 % of the ume plums)
White liqueur
100 ml


1. Rinse the ripe Nanko-ume plums really well. Drain, and remove the stem ends. There's no need to soak the extra ripe. Nanko-ume plums to remove their bitterness.
2. Put the ume plums in a bowl, and spray with the white liqueur using a mister. Add half of the salt, and roll the ume plums around to coat in the salt.
3. Put the ume plums into a sterilized storage jar, and add the remaining salt.
4. The weight should be 1-2 kg. If you are using a storage jar, put water in a double-layered plastic bag to make a weight since it's easy to adjust.
5. Store in a cool dark place. Once the liquid comes up, reduce the weight by half. If you want to add shiso leaves, add them here.
6. After 20 days, dry the umeboshi in a sunny place for 3 days. Once they are dry, store them in a container.
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12. If you use fully ripened Nanko-ume, you can make umeboshi without using a weight. But if you don't add a sufficient amount of salt, the liquid won't come up quickly enough, and this can cause problems.

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned the basic pickling method from my mother, but my friend taught me how to make reduced salt umeboshi.